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Let Nathalie and Stéphane serve you an excellent meal, bringing pleasure to your taste buds !

Nathalie has a CAP diploma in cuisine, specializing in Pastry, Stéphane was working in food network, and followed a Paul Bocuse special training in Lyon;  so if you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy her homemade sorbets, ice creams, gateaux, desserts and mignardises. (meringues - macaroons - toffees - almonds lace biscuits...

The sit-down meal includes :

  • An appetizer (eq.  petit Chablis - ratafia - fruit juice)
  • Starter - Main Course - Local Cheeses - Dessert
  • Chablis -  Chardonnay or Bourgogne Pinot Noir Wines
  • Coffee - Tea - Infusions and mignardises
"An important social and cultural experience, strong conviviality, an invitation into the French way of life, creating new connections amongst guests".This moment is written in the recognition by Unesco of the French Gastronomic experience as being part of The Intangible Cultural World Heritage.
 The Greedy Sociableness

 It is no longer permitted to sulk when one dines together; and the good harmony that follows an excellent feast should, between honest folk last at least six months.It is important that the guests also recognise the efforts of their host: one should prohibit all form of gossip during the same period. This behaviour applies to all gourmets ; a duty all the more sacred that is built on foundations of gratitude and optimism”
Grimod de la Reynière (1600-1756) : French Gastronomic Critic

"A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of any thing than he does of his dinner; and if he cannot get that well dressed, he should be suspected of inaccuaracy in other things" - Samuel Johnson on Food & Drink.

Prices 2019  : 
48 €uros everything included, even drinks (from 16 years old)
Children Menu ( - 10 years old)  :  15 €uros
Children Menu (- 15 years old) : 20 €uros
Children Table d'Hotes : 35 €uros
Check with us the opportunity of your dinner at the Table d'hôtes, generally we don't serve it on Wednesday and Friday night from May to September.


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