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Express your Talents !!          

At La Cimentelle, take your time and seize the opportunity for cooking class.
Giving you tricks , Nathalie and Stéphane  help you to cook your own gastronomic meal.

Enjoy the activity, to share with friends or family.

Out from our usual environment, you will discover each others enjoying a great success to prepare a nice, good and happy meal.
You will savour the harmony inside the kitchen while a simple receipts change the ordinary into the remarkable.

Do you Know what is the secret of the Kitchen ?

"Share , time of thinking, mental incubation, before mealtime... It is the secret ! ! !
Food and drink are not better, but...
... taking time, peeling together, participating in chattering, smelling, testing, meeting around dishes before serving : it is the best flavour for the meal". 

Cooking class - Cuisine et Talents
Half day cooking + evening meal
Rate : 55 € / pers + Normal rate for Table d'hôtes
Included : supplies - equipments - drinks - snacks - meal and receipts.
Ask us for children : Nice pastry.

Guest rooms in Burgundy
Table d’hôtes – Self Catering Rental